Friday, May 21, 2010

Continuing on with everyone’s lunch

Right now, I just had dinner, but here are pics from lunch ♪

Risa Niigaki-chan

Ai Takahashi-chan

Aika Mitsui-chan with a lovely smile 100 points(^_^)v

Everyone having lunch ♪

As I promised earlier
I’m delivering on pics of the members eating lunch ♪♪

Eri-chan's favourite is curry and vegetables pickled in soy sauce

Quantity over quality JunJun (lol)
and LinLin (lol)

Playful pics

Earlier, I had some down time, so I took a nap (lol)

And it seems like the managers took pics of me (>_<)

Ahh my sleeping face is pretty bad, it’s scary ↓↓

So I guess now
I’m in a playful mood?!

So I took some shots together with Aika-chan
although we don’t really look into it (lol)

I guess I’m like that sometimes
is that ok?? ♪

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Promising future?

Here is Gaki-san looking at the blog
I posted this morning
about me taking Gaki-san’s cushion without asking (lol)

“What the heck! Sister-in-law! What~!”

she shouted, just like a sister-in-law would (lol)

But, after that
“I’m not even married yet…”
she sighed

Seeing that was just what I expected
from a sister-in-law
but today, I upgraded her to a mother-in-law
in retrospect, maybe that was saying too much… (;_;)

I guess it’s to early for “sister-in-law” (>_<)

But please become a wonderful sister-in-law to me in the future! (lol)


Ja–n! o(`▽´)o

Here is a rare shot from my solo photobook “La”
that comes out for sale on the 26th (≧∇≦)

Ja–n! o(`▽´)o
saying it like that
makes me kinda sound full of myself…

but I really don’t have any confidence
with how I look in a bikini (;_;)

Because I don’t have much of a chest,
it’s like “What?? is that your back?” (lol)

But with this photobook, I was trying to bring out my sexy in it

Ah, well I didn’t force it though, this time ♪

I ended up realizing – I am who I am!
so don’t need to force it, just do whats natural for me ♪

the 20 year old Sayumi
the Sayumi you’ve only seen up til now
the Sayumi that’s only shown up til now
before and after Sayumi

My photobook “La”… please check it out ♪↑

Anyways, back to the Morning Musume PV shoot!

As I hum along ~ ♪

La La La ~~ ♪

Ahh, oh no!
I’m advertising for my photobook again (lol)

Well, once again ☆
as I hum along ~ ♪

Lalala ~~ ♪

I’m off!! o(`▽´)o

Flash magazine

Last night
I got a copy of Flash ~ V(^-^)V


I’m in a bikini (≧∇≦)
I’m also doing non-Sayumi-ish faces (lol)
For those of you who haven’t seen it yet
please ☆ go see it

There are pics from my childhood as well!

My photobook “La” goes out on sale on the 26th

For the photobook
I think it’s not very a typical Sayumi (^_-) (lol)

but, you can still see a natural looking Sayumi (*^o^*)

Please have a look at it ↑↑

Maybe I should upload another private cellphone pic ~ (≧∇≦)

Oh man ☆

Right now I’m eating lunch ♪

and today’s lunch is curry ♪

Chicken butter curry V(^-^)V
It’s so good!!

Oh man ☆

I’ll be uploading pics of the members eating later (^_-)
Everyone looks cute, so look forward to it ♪

Oh man ☆

The photo shoot is still going on,
and it’s going really well right now (≧∇≦)♪↑↑

Oh man ☆

Earlier, I was in this really warm area,
and it made me soooo sleepy, sooo sleepy…

Oh man ☆

Everything is just kinda “Oh man ☆” right now

it has good and bad meanings to it
Oh man ☆ (lol)